Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • Out Shopping $400

    The shopping service comes with a makeover by Aejaie and a local shopping trip with a hostess (10 mile radius)

  • Out to Lunch $400
    The Lunch Outing are only available on Tuesdays - Saturday.  This service comes with a Makeover by Aejaie and lunch with one of our hostesses!
  • Private Shopping $500

    The private shopping service is only available on Mondays and comes with a private makeover and a local shopping trip with Aejaie (10 mile radius)

  • Private Lunch $500
    The Private Lunch comes with a private makeover and lunch with Aejaie at a local restaurant, our treat.

  • The Outing $500
    The Outing is for the girl who has her own things, but has never gone out in public or doesn't get out as much as she would like.
  • The Experience $1,500
    The Experience is for those wanting a bit more than a Transformation
  • The 1-Day Mystique Package $1,800
    The 1-Day Mystique Package offers a day of adventure that will leave you wanting more.
  • The 2-Day Princess Package $2,500
    When one day, just is not enough
  • The 3-Day Diva Package $3,200
    The ultimate adventure! Three days and/or evenings of feminine excitement.